Weaver 5

An Infinite Source of Energy. Clean, simple and available virtually anywhere. Why NOT?

In the 21st century it is our strategic interest and moral imperative to review our relationship to energy; the way we use it and the way we generate it.  Moving on from our dependence on polluting fossil fuels and we should adopt renewable energy systems to lead us forward.  In the wind we have an infinite source of energy.  Clean, simple and available virtually anywhere, let’s start using it.  By choosing to utilize this energy source, you are making a meaningful step to move us toward a cleaner and safer environment and a more resilient and stable society.

At Weaver Wind Energy we've spent over five years developing and certifying our first commercial product—the Weaver 5.  With optional lithium-ion battery storage, the Weaver 5 provides high-reliability, clean electricity to rural homes and small businesses, on- or off-grid.  

While we're passionate about wind energy, we are also realists.  Because wind and solar are inherently complementary technologies (think nighttime and winter!), we believe that integrating the Weaver 5 turbine as into hybrid wind + solar system, for on- or off-grid customers anywhere in the world, is the way to go.  (do we need to discus this here? or should this me a short link to an article about solar/wind intergration?)


WWE will design your wind-only, your wind + solar hybrid system, or help you figure out how to add a Weaver 5 to an existing solar installation.  We're serious about transitioning our world to 100% renewables, and we'll help you get there!

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