Art Weaver

Founder and President

Art’s chief passion is the imperative of sustainability.  Prior to establishing Weaver Wind Energy, he founded and served as president and CEO of Renovus Energy, a solar design and installation company based in Ithaca NY, for over 9 years. He is a scientist with MD and PhD degrees and is the author of numerous peer-reviewed publications.


Suzanne McMannis

Project Assistant

Closely monitoring financial incentives, grants, and tax credits for wind energy, Suzanne insures that each customer's investment is as cost-effective as possible. She also maintains communications with experienced small wind turbine installers throughout the country, assists with the company's many sustainability initiatives, and keeps the WWE team up-to-date on wind industry developments.


Chuck Wright

Director of Electrical Engineering

Chuck brings to the company nearly 40 years of expertise in electronics design and high-level project management.  He worked at IBM for over 20 years as an engineer, focusing on microprocessor development, and was project leader for many high-end projects.  He personally developed many CAD tools and utilities to support design efforts at IBM and has several papers, patents, and invention ideas to his credit.



Jeb Mead

Wind Turbine Production Manager

Jeb is the Wind Turbine Production Manager at WWE.  Jeb brings years of machining and manufacturing experience to our company and is in charge of all aspects of wind turbine parts production, assembly, quality control, and logistics.


Elliott Ryan

Marketing, Media,
and Sales

Elliott brought his extensive background in small business management, hospitality and retail sales to WWE in 2017.  As a proponent of renewable energy, environmental protection, and smart community planning, getting behind WWE's marketing strategy has been a natural position for Elliott.



As a group we are motivated to provide our clients with a viable alternative path to a better future.