The W5.  Birth of a more intelligent wind turbine.

Proving ground for innovation

Production of the W5 was a 5-year process of innovation, design work, and testing. Developing its Active Furling capabilities, sensors, web-based monitoring, and rugged design resulted in outstanding efficiency and reliability in our first wind machine. 

Weaver 5 kW wind turbine. Wind Power. Wind Energy. Wind Turbine. 
Weaver 5 kW wind turbine. wind power. wind energy. renewable energy. 


Several of our W5's are deployed in the Northeastern US at private residences for point-of-use power generation. We also have a system at Hamilton College in Clinton, NY serving educational and symbolic purposes.



There are a number of options available. A typical W5 system consists of: W5 turbine; 100' tilt-over tower; 8 kW grid-interactive inverter; 10 kWh of AGM battery storage. Cost: $89,500.

Options: 2 - 4 kW of tower mounted PV; 16 kW grid-interactive inverter; power electronics for connection to pre-existing or tower-mounted PV; 20 kWh of Lithium-ion battery capacity.

Although we have shifted our production focus to our W2 turbine,
the W5 is still available to interested customers.  Contact us if interested.