The W2.  Wind + Storage = Energy Security.

Weaver Wind Energy's battery-based 2 kW wind system integrates seamlessly with existing solar to allow uninterrupted, on- or off-grid operation of both energy sources.

Weaver 2 kW wind turbine.


Wind turbines aren't just for rural homes.  Any place with a reasonable wind resource and where point-of-use generation is desired is a potential site. 


A standard W2 system consists of: Our 2 kW turbine and controller, 100' tilt-over tower, wind charge controller, battery bank, and grid-interactive inverter. Tower-mounted PV panels are optional to create a 3 or 4 kW hybrid system.

Integration with Solar

If you have existing grid-connected solar, skip the tower-mounted PV option yet still create a hybrid system by adding wind. Wind power integrates easily giving you a system with the benefits of energy storage and dual generating sources. Your W2 and existing PV connect directly to a battery bank sized to your specifications. Our grid-interactive inverter allows your system to operate independently, selling excess energy back to the grid when, and if, available.  

Solar PV on rooftop. Wind and solar integration



How much energy the W2 can produce in a year depends on your wind resource. With a modest wind resource on its standard 100' tower, our W2 turbine can generate 1000 - 2000 kWh annually and potentially much more if located in a wind-rich area. Combined with 1 or 2 kW of solar in our hybrid system, the typical yield increases to 3000 - 4000 kWh annually. 


There are a number of options available. A typical system consists of: W2 turbine; 100' tilt-over tower; 4 kW grid-interactive inverter; 10 kWh of AGM battery storage. Cost: $58,500. There are lower price options available. Contact us for a detailed quote.

Options: 1 - 2 kW of tower-mounted PV; 8 kW grid-interactive inverter; power electronics for connection to pre-existing PV; Lithium-ion battery. Additional options include custom turbine colors, tail vane, and blade markings. Call us!