Not every site is suitable to harvest wind energy. Wind is a both a global and local climate phenomenon, affected not only by pressure differences across the atmosphere of our planet, but by ground temperature, the Earth's rotation, the presence of seasons and obstacles that wind flow encounters before arriving to your turbine.

Let's delete the above paragraph and lead with something like this:

There is no place on the surface of the earth where air doesn’t move from here to there.  Wind energy can be harvested by turbines in virtually any location, the trick is to reach it.  To be effective, a wind turbine must be placed in the area where the wind is flowing without obstruction, and that means up on a tower high above any surrounding trees or buildings.  There are several tower styles associated with wind turbines, we recommend a monopole tower with hydraulic tilt over capabilities. (why?, link to tower choices?)

In order to determine exactly how much wind power can be harvested from a particular site, measurements, simulations and often statistical analysis and prediction models are combined to arrive at the magic number: kilowatt-hours per day produced.  (Add: “How much energy your turbine produces depends on how much wind your site has to offer and which turbine you choose."  

Luckily, our engineering team is extremely skilled in assessing your site and recommending which Weaver wind turbine is right for you!

If you want to learn if wind energy is a viable option for you, contact us!