Build Yours


Build Yours

Weaver Wind Energy offers 3 of the most advanced wind turbines in the world. Choose yours.

Discover which is best for you.


Weaver 2

An entry-level priced 2 kW turbine with same the innovations Weaver Wind Energy is known for – Active Furling and Intelligent Control.  Now taking orders. 

Weaver 5

 Our flagship 5 kW turbine, ideal for hybrid "5+5" wind+solar grid-tied or off-grid systems. Power, precision, and reliability never looked so good.


Weaver 15

Coming Soon. A 15 kW turbine for customers with a higher energy demand. Great for home power with electrical vehicle (EV) charging, going off-grid, or making a bold statement of renewable commitment.

Choose your tower.

We offer 3 tower options, each with unique characteristics.



Our recommended tower option, with the smallest footprint on a deep concrete foundation. Hydraulic tilt over for easy maintenance. Many appreciate the esthetic and visual simplicity.


A self-supporting lattice (SSL) tower is built on a buried, concrete foundation, typically 15' x 15'. A good balance of affordability and modest footprint.


The most economical tower option, with tilt-down potential. Occupies the largest footprint (about equal to tower height), however, that must generally be kept clear of obstacles, foliage, etc.

Decide on a tower height.

How high should your turbine fly?

Each site is unique, but generally we recommend a standard tower height of 120' (36.6m) to maximize energy production by putting the turbine into smooth, laminar-flowing winds at least 30' (9.1m) above the tops of mature trees.

(add link to article with diagrams about tower height) 

Pick an inverter.

GT-2 and GT-5

Our cost-effective, 2 kW and 5 kW inverters for grid-tied systems are made by Ginlong Technologies, customized for our W2 and W5 turbines.

For the W15, we supply three parallel GT-5's programmed for staged startup to maximize wind energy production. Battery storage is not available with these devices.


A sophisticated, highly flexible, user-configurable, 10 kW inverter made by Princeton Power Systems for both grid-tied and off-grid systems with battery storage. Ample power above 5 kW supports large residential backup loads. For the W15, two PPS-10's operate in parallel, again providing ample power overhead for large backup loads, EV charging, etc. 

Add optional battery storage.

Battery storage takes your wind system to the next level by allowing you independence from the grid if necessary. Add advanced, lightweight, safety-proven GBS lithium ion (LiFeMnPO4) battery storage today add resilience to your system.

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All battery storage options require the PPS-10 inverter and are supplied with a Battery Management System (BMS).


7.7 kWh


15.4 kWh


23.0 kWh


38.4 kWh

Additional options for your turbine.

Custom colors, logos, etc.  We do our very best to deliver exactly what you need.