Turbines designed and built to run for the long haul.

Weaver Wind Energy designs turbines to last at least 20 years with minimal maintenance.  To achieve this we focus on durable design and use the highest quality materials and heavy-duty components. 

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Weaver turbines are designed, engineered, and built at our facility in Freeville, New York. Because we maintain contact with our machines from concept to production, we can ensure a high-quality, durable end product. 


We use aircraft-grade aluminum stock for our turbine frame, taking corrosion out of the picture and making our turbines light and strong.  

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Key Components
We utilize frameless permanent magnet generators, allowing us to design an exceptionally durable housing and use super burly bearings for long life. 

Weaver turbine tail control. Slew drive. wind power. wind turbine. wind energy. renewable energy. microgrid. off-grid. 

We use a heavy-duty slew drive to control the turbine tail. Ideal for Active Furling, the holding power and precise angular control of our slew drive ensures optimum turbine power output under all weather conditions.