Our proven innovations have helped us achieve a distinct advantage.
Featuring thoughtful design and advanced electronics, our turbines are the most intelligent wind machines in the world. 

Our wind systems aren't limited to just remote off-grid use.  They are also beneficial for homes, businesses, schools and institutions, or anywhere on-site power generation is desired. 



Our crowning innovation, Active Furling allows our turbines to position at a favorable angle to any wind, helping to avoid damaging overspeed while maintaining significant energy production. 


We use the highest quality materials for our turbine frame and components. Like our heavy-duty slewing drive motor, which allows the turbine tail to position with minimal mechanical stress.  


Our sensors monitor a variety of turbine system and atmospheric inputs to anticipate and react to real-time wind conditions, allowing Weaver turbine maximum efficiency and protection.  


Weaver turbines are paired with battery storage and off-grid inverters to allow our system to sell power to the grid or operate independently if need arises. 


24/7 data-logging and monitoring allows users and WWE to view turbine performance and detect problems before they occur, keeping you connected to your turbine performance and safety. 

Carbon Fiber

The strongest and lightest in the business, our blades are responsive and durable.  Yet another way to maximize efficiency and minimize wear.

The results of our technology:
maximum power generation, efficiency, and longevity

 a turbine ready to work for you day in and day out.


Abundant clean energy, generated with foresight and ingenuity.

Our company mission is to create the best small wind systems for the world's inevitable transition to fully sustainable energy. 


Wind energy is the fastest growing source of electricity in the world today. With its potential for year-round, day/night operation, wind energy has a unique and prominent role to play. Small wind turbines allow non-utility users access to this abundant and resilient energy source.


Our Work

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Built in the USA

We design, engineer and build our machines right here in Freeville, NY.  We are people motivated to play a role in building a better future. 

Our customers trust us to provide them with long lasting and reliable wind systems. We stand by our product and are excited to share this valuable technology with clients interested in generating their own clean, renewable energy on site. Testimonials


Wind  -  Solar  -  Batteries

The future of point-of-use energy generation.


Storage Based Systems

Our wind systems incorporate battery storage, providing you the valuable independence of off-grid operation and the savings of grid connectivity. We can help you choose a storage size based on your needs and your generating capacity (PV and/or Wind).

Ease of Installation. Ease of Integration

More reasons why choosing a Weaver Wind System is the right move for you.


There are many types of assets that we rely on to store our wealth or provide for us. Main-stream assets like Stocks, Bonds, and Real Estate take centerstage, but by definition, there are several other asset groups that are often overlooked: Education, Community and Infrastructure. On-site power generating capacity is an infrastructure asset that is on the rise to recognition.

Your Weaver Wind system will provide savings and steady power to you for years,  especially when energy markets become volatile.


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Make the wise choice and choose the most intelligent turbine available from Weaver Wind Energy