The Weaver 5 was born because the existing small wind turbines simply wore out too quickly. With this in mind, the Weaver 5 was engineered to last a minimum of 20 years, without the need for constant maintenance. It's worth it.

Active Furling

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Many residential wind turbines are designed to furl (turn the rotor out of the direction of the wind) in high wind speeds, but the Weaver 5kW takes advantage of a revolutionary new technology to make furling more reliable and more effective than ever before. Our automated folding tail responds to instructions from the Controller when the wind speed is too high, and rotates the tail relative to the frame and nacelle. The force of the wind pushing against the vane of the tail then causes the whole turbine to rotate (this is called “yawing”) until the tail is parallel to the direction of the wind, and the rotor is facing away from the direction of the wind.

The motion of the tail is simple and brief, which greatly reduces wear on the mechanism compared to other furling turbines. In both the folded and unfolded positions, the tail is held in place by a rugged locking mechanism that firmly supports it against the force of the wind. This reduces stress on the internal parts and ensures the long life of the turbine.


Redundant Sensors