The Weaver vision is to go beyond sustainability...

...using appropriate technology to reclaim the future for all our children. Our company is committed to designing the best small wind systems to facilitate the world’s inevitable transition to sustainable energy sources.

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"Weaver Wind Energy’s mission is to create the world’s best small wind systems and related products. We use design, engineering, and manufacturing methods that are respectful of our natural environment recognizing that we are inseparable from it. As much as possible, business practice is based on cooperation, not competition. Our people are regarded as real, dynamic, living people, not static human resources. We understand that Quality is value and so should inform everything we do." – Art Weaver, company president

Voices from WWE


Working for a company that is on the front line of innovation is thrilling.  Add to that the sense of urgency around developing new paths to power generation for our society and I'm excited to come to work everyday. – Elliott Ryan, WWE employee

My family has lived off-grid with wind and solar PV for nearly 20 years. I came to Weaver Wind because of my commitment to a 100% renewable energy world and my knowledge of wind’s key role in that transition. I value almost beyond words Weaver Wind's innovation, integrity, and leadership. – Suzanne McMannis, WWE employee

OUr Story

In 2001, a physicist, working at Cornell University, takes to heart an analysis written by Nobel laureate scientists regarding our collision course with the natural world. Company founder, Dr. Art Weaver, reads the World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity (1992) and decides to change his life, becoming an entrepreneur and installer of small scale renewable energy systems. Solar came first. It worked great, most everywhere, and most of the time. Then came wind. It had problems. Two possibilities suggested themselves: stop installing small wind turbines or build better ones. Art chose the latter.

Weaver Wind Energy exists because its founder, Art Weaver and everyone who works here, believes that there is an unfulfilled need for small wind turbines that hold up over time with minimal maintenance.  The core motivation for the company is to design the world's most reliable and intelligent small wind turbines.  It's taken us over five years to develop our first product: the Weaver 5 (W5).

The W5 wind system is the result of R & D work supported by private funding as well as generous support from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). The wealth of knowledge gained during the design process for the W5 and the positive results from our innovations have led us to design a W2 (2 kW) and W15 (15 kW) machine.  The W2 is in its finishing phase and we are now taking orders for sale on these machines.  The W15 is in the earlier design phase and will be available in 2019.