WWE Newsletter. December, 2018

WWE Newsletter. December, 2018

This newsletter is about the upgrades to the beta WE2 system at our Windlab in the fall of 2018. Also contains info about the Alxion STK PMG and custom colors for the WE2 system.

WWE Newsletter. May, 2018

WWE Newsletter. May, 2018

This newsletter is about the new upgrades to the WE2 at the wind lab in the spring of 2018.

WWE Newsletter. December, 2017

WWE Newsletter. December, 2017

Weaver Wind Energy December Newsletter. 

The topic of this month's newsletter is the raising of our first W2 turbine at our wind lab outside Ithaca, New York.

Developments in the small wind industry

Developments in the small wind industry

As of mid-September 2017, grid-tie (GT) wind inverters for the US market are no longer being sold by any manufacturer in the US, Europe or Asia. The same is true for the high quality permanent magnet generators (PMGs) we have been using in our turbines.

WWE chooses to externally source these components because those offered by other small wind manufacturers are 1) proprietary devices, 2) typically developed in-house, 3) used with one specific turbine design, and most importantly 4) tend to lag behind technological advances in the global power electronics and generator market. 

Because we want WWE systems to be reliable, cost-effective, not-to-mention readily available, we now source components only from time-tested manufacturers who won’t be pulling out of the US market. As such, all our wind systems now provide a primary off-grid (OG) solution that can also interact with (sell back to) the utility grid if it’s available. This approach utilizes battery storage (Li-ion, NiFe, AGM), advanced wind MPPT charging, and US-made OG inverters with GT capability. With this new power architecture, adding wind and battery backup to your new or existing solar system to create a turn-key on/off-grid hybrid system is simple. The whole concept is known as DC-coupling. Ask us about this!

Despite these changes, our core technology – advanced turbine control with Active Furling (AF) – remains unchanged. We are dedicated to building the world’s most intelligent turbines, and our commitment to clean, small scale wind energy technology is undaunted. We are now accepting pre-orders for our 2 kW system – the W2 – and look forward to hearing from interested end-users, installers and distributors – like you!  Our prototype W2 turbine is pictured below.

Weaver Wind, Finalist in the Ocean Exchange Program: Watch the Video of our Presentation!

Last September, Weaver Wind's Weaver 5 wind turbine was chosen as one of the fifteen "top solution finalists" for the 2016 Ocean Exchange Award. More info may be found in the official press release.

The Ocean Exchange features solutions chosen from enterpreneurs around the globe with the ability to boost economic growth, reduce waste generation, and improve on sustainable practices and resource management.

Weaver Wind competed for one of two $100,000 awards from the program's award sponsors: Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. and Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics.

Although the turbine did not win the grand prize, we at Weaver WInd are extremely happy to have been chosen and being able to participate in such a terrific experience, competing alongside potentially world-changing solutions to build a more sustainable planet.

Please watch the video of Weaver Wind's Founder, Art Weaver, introducing the Weaver 5 and what makes it so special and promising for the small wind energy industry.

Weaver Wind featured in the Cover of Home Power Magazine Issue 175

Weaver Wind Energy is proud to annouce that one of our projects has been featured in the cover of Home Power Magazine Issue 175 (September-October 2016)!

The project featured is the hybrid system installed by WWE in a 190 ace farmhouse close to Ithaca, New York. This system is able to cover the entire energy demand of William Basset's estate.

The hybrid system features a 11.4 kWp photovoltaic array, that, combined with a Weaver 5 wind turbine, is able to generate an estimated 1,161 kWh per month of energy (AC-side). Energy is stored in a 15.4kWh Lithium-Ion battery bank, and powers not only the Basset residence and farmhouse, but also William Basset's own car: a 2013 Nissan Leaf! The proud owner of the system is now 100% independent from the grid, using a combination of multiple sources of generation, energy storage, clever management and sustainable transportation.

Weaver Wind Energy not only supplied and commissioned the wind system, but also performed the overall design and engineering of the entire project.

We kindly invite you to read the entirety of the article in this month's issue of Home Power Magazine, as it features a highly detailed spread on the technical aspects of the system, the benefits and motivations for it's realization and serves as a showcase and statement of Weaver Wind's commitment to sustainable living and affordable renewable energy.