AF is unique to Weaver turbines.

Weaver turbines use Active Furling – a combination of aerodynamics, control logic, and active response that allows your turbine to detect and actively respond to changing weather conditions.

AF is Simple, Safe, and Reliable

This revolutionary control method increases the longevity of the machine and distinguishes Weaver turbines from all other small-scale wind systems.

If adverse weather conditions are detected or predicted, our turbine's automated control mechanism quickly furls (pivots, folds) the tail, protecting the machine from overspeed. When sensors confirm that conditions are safe again, the tail returns to its straight-back position and the turbine resumes normal operation.

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Weaver Wind Energy innovation in action

In this slow motion video, the camera points directly into the wind at all times. The tail furls in response to software detecting high winds, high rpm, etc.  The force of the wind on the furled tail realigns the tail with the wind causing the rotor to turn away from the wind – slowing it – ensuring turbine safety. This is analogous to how a sailboat's direction and speed is controlled – a rudder turns the vessel into the wind, slowing the boat by spilling excess wind from the sail.